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Creating your very own Cuddle-tastic Bear


Simply chose the package you want and let us know what date you had in mind. Be sure to tell us how many guests you will have at your event (estimate)


We bring a huge selection of 16 different varieties of cuddly bears for your guests to choose.


Our Beary professional party host will bring everything that is required and all your guests will leave with loads of bear party goodies!


Welcome to Make A Bear Party Dublin

Welcome to the home of Ireland’s Premier mobile Make-A-Bear Party service. That’s right, we bring the bear party magic to you!

Covering all of Dublin, our beary professional hosts will come to your party and create a lasting memory for all in attendance.

What’s more, each child will leave the party with the biggest smile, plus with a whole host of goodies, including their new soft cuddly best friend, customised bear t-shirt for every child, individual bear birth certificates and also a bear backpack bag so that they carry their new friend home.

Make a Bear Girls Birthday Party

Meet Our Bears

Elephant teddy bear on Make a Bear party

“Trunks” the Elephant

Hey Hey!!
I am “Trunks” the most amazing Elephant in the world!
My favourite thing in the whole world is laughing and being happy. I also have big bright eyes and long eyelashes too.
You will not find a better unstuffed animal like me!
(This bear has embroidered eyes)

Husky Teddy Bear

“Snowshoe” the Husky

Hi (howls to the moon),
My hame is Snowshoe and I am a super soft furry Husky! My grandfather was a Wolf, so I guess that makes me half a wolf too. I am very friendly and cuddly and as you can see I have big bright beautiful blue eyes.
(This bear has plastic eyes)

“Brown Patch” Bear

My name is Mr. Brown Bear, but my friends call me “Brown Patch” Bear. I have 3 heart shaped patches, one on my paw, my chest and on my head. My favourite colour is brown, but I also like blue and purple. (This bear has plastic eyes)

Pink Patch on Make A Bear Party

“Pink Patch” Bear

My name is Ms. Pink Bear, but my friends call me “Pink Patch” Bear. You may have already been introduced to my brother ‘Brown Patch” Bear. I love my brother very much.
I am very cuddly and I love to play games.
(This bear has plastic eyes and a plastic nose)

Unicorn Teddy Bear on Make a Bear Party

“Mystery” the Unicorn

“Mystery” the Unicorn
“Mystery” is our mysterious fantasy unicorn! I have very bright contrasting fabrics, with white accents on the paws and mane. Everyone says that I am a stand our Unicorn, and people just love my colours!
(This bear has plastic eyes)

Dog Teddy on Make a Bear Party

“Candy Colours” the Dog

Hi, I am Candy the Dog. I love being brought on walks and to be squeezed really tightly. Can you guess how many colours I am made of?

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Mammy’s and Daddy’s please note, the head, limbs and arms come pre-stuffed for easy assembly.