How To Make Your Bear

quick guide to bringing your cuddly friend to life

Step 1

Take small amounts of stuffing at a time and push them into the opening at the back of your Bear. For Be careful not to overstuff your bear as this will make your new friend less cuddly.

For convenience, the head and limbs on your new best friend already come pre-stuffed.

Step 2

Take your special wishing heart – make a wish and place it in the tummy of your Make-A-Bear. Remember, you must keep your wish a secret!

Step 3

Now it’s time to close your bear – pull the plastic cable tie closed and get an adult to snip the long plastic ‘tail’

Step 4

Tuck the white bag into the bear and then remove the lint from the Velcro and stick both sides of Velcro together – securely closing up your Make-A-Bear.

Step 4

Give your new friend a cuddle and chose a name for your new best friend. Remember to fill out his or her birth certificate also.

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