December 2018 – Oh, how amazing an idea that is!

After our official launch last June, Make-A-Bear Party are now more popular than ever. Thank you so much!

When it comes to kid’s entertainment in Dublin, it is so important being able to offer the perfect mix of fun, activities and value for money. Whether that is for your little one’s birthday or communion party, a corporate event, or perhaps entertaining the children during your wedding reception.

With our hosted make a bear parties, each child is included from start to finish and the act of “bringing your bear to life’ is a shared experience, done together and most popularly by hand stuffing (not via an awkward looking stuffing machine).  

Unlike going to Dundrum Shopping Centre for your bear party experience, we come to you!

(Wait, you mean we don’t have to try navigate 20 super excited children through a packed shopping centre? Sign me up!)

No “single file” standing in a queue waiting your turn to use the machine to fill your bear with stuffing. No, we believe that a party should be about all the guests coming together to enjoy an unforgettable and inclusive experience…We believe that a Make A Bear Party provides just that! 

 Did you know that if you are outside of Dublin, then you can purchase your own DIY Make A Bear Party kits?

That means we send you EVERYTHING that you need to host your own special party for the kids. This includes of course product, stuffing, inserts, games, activities and even personalised guest invitations.

For more information follow the link below,
or simply call us on 087 6229562

Visit Our DIY Party Page

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